Discover why Indonesian pangasius is not simply a replica of its competitors. It’s a different fish, a better fish. Find out the benefits and meet the suppliers.

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Indonesia – world’s 2nd largest pangasius producer

Imagine this. You’re living in 2050 together with 9.7 billion other people. Will there be sufficient sources of protein available? Indonesia is playing an essential role in meeting this challenge and has already become the world’s second largest producer of a beautiful protein rich fish. A fish, which is predicted to become one of THE answers to feeding future generations.

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Indonesian pangasius is farmed in ponds using clean ground water
Indonesian pangasius is raised with probiotics instead of antibiotics
Indonesian pangasius is farmed in lower densities and less intensive compared to other supplying countries
Indonesian pangasius processors are compliant with international food safety requirements
Indonesian pangasius has a low environmental footprint due to efficient conversion of feed

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a fast growing industry

Pangasius production in Indonesia has thrived over the past decade increasing from 33,000 tons in 2006 to 437,000 tons in 2016, making Indonesia the 2nd largest pangasius producer in the world. What caused this recent success? It’s the combination of growing domestic demand and strong support from the government that is determined to bring pangasius production to the next level.

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