Indonesia to Increase Pangasius Production to One Million Tons

December 14, 2018

Currently, Indonesian Catfish Industry Association (APCI), who owns the “Indonesian Pangasius” brand, together with the Indonesian government, are paving the way to export Pangasius to the Middle East market, especially Saudi Arabia. Rifky Effendi, Director General of Product Competitiveness Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Indonesia, said that “increasing the Pangasius production is one of the strategies to strengthen Indonesian fishery product export”.

Doubling production in 3 years
Indonesia has enormous production potential for Pangasius. At the moment, Indonesia is still left behind by Vietnam in terms of production quantity. But, over the last few years, Pangasius production in Indonesia has increased manyfold to 450 million tons a year. For the next three years, the Indonesian government intends to increase the production of Pangasius in Indonesia to 1 million tons per year. That means more than doubling the current production. Rifky Effendi said that pond-based Pangasius production in Indonesia needs to be increased to break through Vietnam’s domination in the international market.


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