GAP and LCF Workshop in Tulungagung, Indonesia

February 27, 2019

A workshop on Good Aquaculture Practices (GAP) and Least Cost Formulation (LCF) was held in Tulungagung on 25 February 2019. The workshop was attended by all of the Extension Officer in Tulungagung regency.

Extension Officer is an officer responsible for the relationship between fish farmers and the government. They can provide guidance to farmers and have an important role as an agent of change for a better aquaculture process.

The focus of the workshop is the importance of the GAP as a method to achieve higher standard products. GAP also can improve the efficiency of the culture process thus gives more benefit to the fish farmers. As an example, the right use of the probiotics can support fish health and digestion, therefore increase the profits for the fish farmers.

Pangasius in Tulungagung
Tulungagung is one of the pangasius production center in Indonesia. There are more than 300 pangasius fish farmers located in Tulungagung.  Tulungagung regency alone produces more than 4500 tons of pangasius per cycle. 60%-70% of the pangasius produced used as fillet raw material, and the rest of it is sold in the wet and traditional market. To qualify as fillet raw material the fish needs to meet certain standards, such as has white meat and does not have muddy smell. One way to meets those standard is to implement GAP in the culture process.