Indonesian Pangasius Increases Production

April 30, 2019

There demand of pangasius product is increasing significantly in indonesia. The eradication of illegal import of pangasius is one of the main cause of this phenomenon.

To cater the increasing demand of pangasius product, members of Indonesian Pangasius under Indonesian Pangasius Industry Association (APCI) are increasing their production. APCI stated that there are 20% increase in the pangasius fillet production in the first three months of 2019 if compared to last year.

This increase in production also caused by the anticipation for high demand in Ramadhan (fasting month) in Indonesia. Other than that, members of Indonesian Pangasius are preparing to fulfill the demand for Indonesian Hajj pilgrims catering.

Sudiarso, one of the Chairmen of APCI added, “If the export process is going well,  Indonesian Pangasius will export around 500 tons of fillets and portion cuts for the Indonesian Hajj pilgrims catering”.



Source: (Indonesian)