APCI urges the Indonesian Government to hasten SNI Implementation

May 15, 2019

Indonesian Pangasius Industry Association (APCI) urges the Indonesian Government to hasten the implementation of the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) for pangasius fish.

APCI states that the implementation of SNI for pangasius will help to protect the domestic consumer and strengthen the export market. Thus APCI encourages the Indonesian Government to finish the drafting of SNI for pangasius and to quickly implement it.

APCI which was involved by the Indonesian Government in the drafting, says that the draft is being finalized. However, APCI still has no idea when the SNI for pangasius will be implemented. This issue needs to be followed up so that the SNI can be implemented as soon as possible.

The pangasius industry, such as pangasius farmers and fillet producers, will need approximately one year to adjust to the new standard. Thus the sooner SNI for pangasius is implemented, the better it is.



Source: bisnis.com (Bahasa Indonesia)