About us

The Indonesian Catfish Industry Association (APCI) is an Association for the Indonesian processing industry and producers of pangasius fish. It’s role and responsi­bility are to support and encourage the development of the Indonesia pangasius industry in a sustainable and competitive environment in Indonesia.

Aims and values

APCI was established to communicate, coordinate and distribute information among members and stakeholders. The organization aims to have develop pangasius industry in Indonesia under one  commitment, integrated and sustainable masterplan.

Mission & function

APCI’s mission includes the following: 

  • to grow, develop and nurture the Indonesia pangasius industry and its players to be professional and competitive 
  • to grow, develop and nurture the Indonesia’s pangasius stakeholder network and cooperation with the government and other public/private sector

APCI’s function includes the following: 

  • to develop the potential of pangasius industry in Indonesia
  • to facilitate Indonesia pangasius members in accessing market data and any other information for their businesses


APCI members have  certifications of Halal, HACCP, GMP, ISO 9001 and CBIB.

All members have signed APCI’s code of conduct that governs professional and ethical behaviour of the members.