Delta Mina Perkasa

PT. Delta Mina Perkasa was established in 2016. Together with its 130 employees PT. Delta Mina Perkasa is fully dedicated to producing frozen pangasius fillets.

Kurnia Mitra Makmur Purwakarta

PT. Kurnia Mitra Makmur Purwakarta is a fish processing company that applies a Zero Waste system. We always use solid and liquid waste products. The application of global industry standards in our processing system can produce superior, innovative products. We provide...

Expravet Nasuba

We are a company that is committed to food safety and quality at all stages from raw material supply, processing, environment, industry and distribution to customers. All staff and personnel are fluent in the HACCP program and quality management systems as well as...

Dimas Reiza Perwira

PT. Dimas Reiza Perwira is active in fisheries processing and procurement of both farm-raised and sea-caught fish.