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changing lives, changing communities

Pangasius farming in Indonesia changed many lives and communities for the better and brought benefits to entire regions. Our farmers who work day in and day out passionately trying to produce the best possible quality of fish, tell you how pangasius farming affects their life in a positive way. 

Stories from the FARMERS

Meet the humble heroes behind Indonesian pangasius farming and get inspired by their stories

Pangasius Farmer Story -Muhammad Suhaili

Muhammad Suhaili explains how the community changed from rice and sugar farming to pangasius farming. At first pangasius was held on a small scale as an ornamental fish, but nowadays, the whole village works as an integrated pangasius value system.

pangasius farmer story – haji masudi

Thanks to pangasius farming, Haji Musadi has been able to grow his business. The favorable characteristics of the fish as well as the farming with clean ground water are important success factors.

pangasius farmer story – suprapto

Pak Suprapto from the Fisheries department explains how pangasius farming improved the livelihood of the entire community of  the flood prone area of Tulangagung and the surrounding region. The benefits extend even into East and Central Java.